A Touch More with Megan Rapinoe & Sue Bird

Mom Approved with Nancy Bird, Denise Rapinoe, & Sydney Leroux

Episode Notes

Happy Mothers Day! in honor of the holiday, Megan and Sue spend this episode jamming out to the Mom Approved playlist.

After Megan and Sue touch on some serious topics and niece cuteness up top, Sue's mom Nancy Bird answers some rapid fire questions! Then Megan's mom Denise Rapinoe joins the show to reveal the origin of her nickname and tell a poopy diaper story about Megan, before jumping into some rapid fire questions herself.

Then in the second half of the show, Megan and Sue are joined by Sydney Leroux, who discusses quarantine parenting, answers fan questions, and shares a poopy parenting story of her own. Plus: her first impressions of Megan, her origin story, and much more!

Shout out to HungerNotImpossible, who are feeding kids all across America. We've raised 60,000 meals and counting!